Interesting Attractions in California

Whenever you visit a country, you can observe their differences as well as similarities. Mostly, the difference in culture is observed. Each nation differ in culture and tradition. What about in tourist attractions? You can think that they are all the same since other countries also have that kind of tourist attraction.

For example, each country has nature parks, museums, and some entertainment parks. It may sound the same. However, if you visit each country by your own, then, that’s the time you can tell the difference.
What about in California? What are the interesting tourist attractions or destinations in this wonderful country?

Redwood Forest. Are you fond of trees and different kinds of plants? This destination is perfect for you! You will not just have fun roaming around the forest. This forest will leave you interesting facts about trees and all kinds of plants which you cannot find at your own country.

Sierra Nevada Mountains. To those who are looking for adventurous activities in California, don’t miss to visit Sierra Nevada Mountains. It’s a very beautiful place to unwind and relax. You can also do hiking together with your friends and have some fun while looking at the wonderful view of the mountains.

Golden Gate Bridge. You will be tantalized by the beauty of this bridge especially during night time when the lights are turned on. It seems to be made of real gold!

Aside from these attractions or destinations, you can also visit the Mojave Desert and different beaches in California.