Disney California Adventurous Rides

Are you looking for fun and adventures? There’s a place perfect for your wish! It’s Disney Land! Every year, millions of people visit California to experience the fun and exciting adventures and rides. Do you want to experience some thrill? What are the different rides that you must not miss when you visit Disney Land in California?

California Screamin. If you are looking for a ride with a thrill, don’t miss California Screamin’. You will surely scream out loud all throughout your ride! It’s fun and enjoyable. Just prepare your heart and throat and be sure you don’t have any heart problems!

Golden Zephyr. It feels like you are in a real spaceship when you ride this golden zephyr. The spaceship will be spinning. So, hold on tight!

Guardians of the Galaxy. Sounds exciting, right? You will experience a very exciting thrill rides. You can experience how to be a guardian of the galaxy and how to rescue your fellow guardians as if you are the character in that movie.

Grizzly River Run. This ride is very interesting and exciting! Don’t miss the ride! Be ready to go for a water splash while having a ride.

Flik’s Flyers. It’s a ride that brings you fun! Be ready to be dizzy and feel as if you are one of the bugs.

Heimlich’s Chew Chew Train. It’s a slow ride but still brings fun and excitement especially to children.

Francis Ladybug Boogie. Do you want to experience a ride on top of a ladybug? Together with the music, you will experience a spinning moment together with your favorite ladybug!