The Story behind Hollywood Tower Hotel

Most of the travelers who are adventurous types would choose activities with thrills. If you are one of them, then right now, choose Hollywood Tower Hotel. Did you know that this tower hotel is also known as “Tower of Terror”? What do you think is the main reason that this place is named like this? What could be the possible story behind this tower hotel?

Have you ever experienced to ride on Disney rides? It was a great thrill. In Hollywood Tower Hotel, you can experience more thrills in every ride!

As an introduction about this tower hotel, it’s a tower that stands high since it was made as a 12-story. Do you have any idea when it was built? Well, too old! It was built since 1930’s! This tower has caused great tragedy on the victims. In fact, it’s a very sad story. You don’t want to belong to those who experienced a bad luck while riding the tower’s elevator, right?

Some of you might be a fan of ghost stories. This tower hotel had a ghost story behind since the great incident that happened to those innocent passengers. It was believed that they are giving bad lucks to everyone who try to ride the elevator. Since it was built quite a long time ago, many people think that the tower has caused many tragedies on the victims.

If you ride the tower’s elevator, you will experience different kinds of drops. Do you want to have a try? You might feel as if your soul had departed from your body.